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New Launching Project

With our rent to own project, you can now own the Large LED Screen after 2 years of renting. Interested may schedule a call with us.

How LedPos Can Help You?

If your shop is LOW Popularity | LOW Visibility | LOW Traffic

If you have no new idea about ORGANIZING EVENT

  • Reach Broader Customers
    Reach Broader Customers

    Outdoor LED Screen Advertising. Definitely a large LED Screen place at outside will attract the eyeballs of passers. Our LED Consultant will give you advice on putting right message or image that can help building your company BRAND.

  • Make Your Event Look Different Look Elegant
    Make Your Event Look Different Look Elegant

    In the hall installing the LED Screen with the big screen will bring the event become grandeur  and elegant.

  • Catchy Attention
    Catchy Attention

    Compared to traditional billboards, someone is much more likely to pick out your content when it’s displayed on a bright and vivid LED Display. 

  • Flexible To Edit Text
    Flexible To Edit Text

    Edit the content with your phone. You have the complete control over the LED display content. We will give you the access to LED editor App. Therefore, you are free to re-write any promotion / discount content when you want to do promotion strategy.

  • High Mobility
    High Mobility

    Free To Move. We called LED Display Stand as walkable and talkable advertising board. This is not traditional backdrop, it’s an advanced backdrop with high resolution display. You can move it to any high traffic place you like. 

  • Less Expensive
    Less Expensive

    Less expensive compared to other outdoor advertising medium. It’s compatible and of low maintenance cost and completely weather proof. 

One Stop LED Solution

” It’s The Modern Way To Make Your Business High Visible “

” It’s The Latest Way To Make Your Show Look Grandeur “

Indoor LED Display

Indoor LED Display best for indoor activities, including LED Screen for hall, LED Display Stand, LED Screen fixed at mall.

Outdoor LED Display

Outdoor LED Display is the best outdoor advertising solution, including LED Billboard, E-Bunting, LED SIgnage, LED Text Scrolling.

LED Screen Rental

Temporary rental of Large LED Screen is suitable for event, fair, roadshow, wedding and etc.

Custom LED

Customize the LED Display based on your preference. Tell us your creative idea, we help you actualize it.

LED Services

We provide LED services including maintenance  and repairing.

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WE have a combined 10 years experience LED Consultant team will give you the most suitable solution according to your business situation.

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