Disadvantages of using Banners in advertising



Although there are a lot of advantages that these Custom Flags/Custom Banners used in advertising bring, there are also some disadvantages that they bring. Just like any other marketing strategies, there will always be pros and cons. The main reason that these are ideas, the main reason these are made for one, there will always be cons for others.

Here are a few disadvantages that these Custom Flags/Custom Banners used in advertising bring, they are as follows:

Low Recall

 These Custom Flags/Custom Banners are often placed on the streets, side streets more often, thus there is a possibility that people in cars, motorbikes, and the likes would not have the means to look at them. And should they be able to look at these flags and banners, it will most likely be a limited time, the reason they would not be able to read everything it in, the reason they would not have time to understand what it is, what it has, what it is for.


Once these Custom Flags/Custom Banners are printed or made, the information printed stays, no means to change the information unless you have a new one made. Unlike other dynamic ad materials that offer an option for modification of content, real-time editing and other dynamic functionality that would be beneficial for your business primarily for marketing your business.

Possible Obstructions

These Custom Flags/Custom Banners are often placed in the side streets, there are a lot of obstacles that may block the line of view for these materials, thus may not be that helpful in terms of doing or achieving what you are targeting to do, which is to market your product and your business.

Limited Availability

You only can place these Custom Flags/Custom Banners or materials in limited areas, as most areas are owned by private businesses thus does not allow unauthorized use of space, leading to the fact that this may only work if you have a spot that is in the vicinity of a public area and no other or limited business owners are in.


There are a lot of different strategic and innovative marketing means, mediums or materials that you can look at apart from using these Custom Flags/Custom Banners, as they may just offer more benefits and lesser disadvantages to you and your business, thus leading to the fact that they may be more efficient to use other than this marketing approach. For example, B2B business can consider hiring SEO agency for SEO Services to ranking your website into search engine page 1 to getting organic traffic from potential clients.

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