Indoor LED Screen in Malaysia

Indoor LED Screen For Stage

Whether you want to use the LED Screen for indoor events like anniversary, annual dinner, or wedding dinner, we can provide you with the correct LED Screen for stage. Our LED Screen for Stage as background provides clear and sharp images, this LED Screen provides motion vision from multiple angles. The use of LED Screen as stage background has becoming more popular recently. The LED Screen on the stage with high resolution, high refresh rate and contrast can make every audience feel like sitting at the front seat, give the audience a memorable event.

Indoor LED Screen for Advertising

“Attract more attention than ‘traditional’ billboards.”

“Reach a big audience.”

“It is easy to create interaction with audience.”

“Placing a LED screen at the right position creates ‘forced exposure’.”

How to choose the Indoor LED Screen ?

  • At choosing Indoor LED Screen, our first approach is to gather information, use for what.
  • If Indoor, the criteria we need to concern are Area, height, viewing distance, and etc
  • Based on the above and few more as per the location, we provide the suggestion of the LED screen.
  • You may ask our LED Consultant to answer your query. 

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